What We Do

What We Do

Inpeco designs, develops, manufactures and distributes solutions for the complete automation and traceability of samples inside,  around and beyond the Clinical Laboratory.

Clinical Lab tests are the most frequent and widespread parameter in diagnosis, screening and monitoring. Around 70% of clinical decisions are based on any laboratory outcome; lab results are fast to deliver and cost-limited. Their request is steadily increasing.

Our solutions steer the full traceability and the correct execution of key healthcare processes, simplifying and streamlining biological sample processing in clinical laboratories.

By offering modular systems, software tools, point-of-care tracking solutions for samples, we guarantee a seamless chain of custody for lab test results.

For any size of clinical laboratory.

What makes our offer unique

Inpeco solutions cover the whole workflow, before and inside the clinical lab, by extending the precise Patient Identification benefits from point-of-care to results delivery. We have established a standard of flexible, scalable and open solutions, suitable for clinical laboratories of any size. This is why more than 1,300 installations around the world are already relying on our solutions.

Research and Development

  • 41 new patentable inventions in 15 years
  • 120 people working in R&D department

In Inpeco we are constantly involving talents from around the world to enrich our team of specialists in research and development dedicated to delivering new solutions for the future of healthcare.

Precision medicine and customization of healthcare are generating new challenges that could only be addressed with automation solutions.
The vocation to innovate and integrate different laboratory specialties into a unique Total Laboratory Automation has brought us to start projects for expanding our traditional offer to other specialties, such as mass spectrometry, bio banking, molecular biology.

The final goal of Inpeco is to deliver solutions to manage End-to-End laboratory processes and guarantee the right result for the right patient.